I’m a rising photographer in the Seattle area, I’m a wife, fashion lover, Minimalist, and I can’t wait to share with you!

Here’s a little back ground history as to why I decided to become a blogger as well as how it will work!

Life- I’ve had a lot of crazy experiences throughout life and because of those experiences, I feel as though I have a LOT to say. These posts will include how I have overcome many challenges as well as enjoyed many triumphs.

Wardrobe- I’ll be sharing my personal style, how I discovered WHAT my style is, and how discovering my style has helped me to solidify who I am as well as minimize my over-stuffed closet. (We’ve all been there right?)

Home- You will also see posts featuring my tiny apartment I share with my husband and how I’ve managed to transform the outdated-seventies-look that we moved into, to a clean, minimalist home.